Camper Sign Up

Camper Registration

With your donation of $ 20.00 for a tent or a caravan for $ 75.00, you can help greatly to the success of our event which aims to raise funds to benefit the En Coeur Foundation for children with heart conditions.

Because we dedicate this event to children and we want ensure that Truck ‘N’ Roll en Coeur has a long life, we ask you to observe these rules:

  • - If your dog’s with you, it must be on a leash and must remain in the areas planned for camping (muzzle if necessary) and you must pick up after your dog.
  • - No campfires.
  • - Throw your trash in the trash.
  • - Do not drain wastewater from your toilet on the ground.
  • - No generator Midnight to 8am.

Unfortunately we are unable to provide you with services (water, electricity etc.), but the mosquitoes are free!

We are not responsible for damage and / or theft of your vehicles or tents.

***Forms will be back for next year’s event!